Maritime Mutual believes that mutuality demands close attention to loss prevention and the reduction of claims. The remit of our technical team is to work closely with Members in order to identify any shipboard hazards which may cause or contribute to claims and recommend practical and economic ways of rectifying the problem

The advantages of our pro-active loss prevention programme are reflected in our Members’ success in reducing losses and increasing their profitability. The Club's success is your success.

Blank Survey Report Form Pollution & Removal of Wreck Part B (MS Word)

It is vital that surveys submitted to the Club follow this template to expedite the Full Risk Assessment provided after survey. This form has been specifically designed to ensure that any problems are readily identifiable and that the Managers can give practical advice to the Members about managing their risk and preventing accidents, thereby keeping calls to a minimum.
When returning any proof of rectifications to the Club for review, please ensure that any photos/documents are labelled with the defect reference number on the survey report.

Guidelines for Surveyors - Guidance on carrying out surveys in the approved format

Guidelines for Shipowners, Superintendents and Masters - How surveys are carried out and what to expect from the Attending Surveyor.