Steel Cargo Preloading Survey Guidelines

Steel Guidance

Steel cargoes are highly sensitive to damage. As a consequence, the MMIA Rules and entry terms require all steel cargoes carried by a Member’s vessel to undergo a steel cargo preloading survey. This preloading loss prevention process includes survey during loading and assessment of the cargoworthiness of the carrying vessel for the intended voyage.

The steel preloading survey requirement is designed to protect Members from steel cargo claims which may have occurred prior to loading on board as well as subsequent damage during loading. It is also intended to assist Members to minimise the risk of any weather related or other damage occurring during the delivery voyage.

To fully explain the steel preloading survey requirement and process, MMIA have created two detailed sets of survey guidance notes.

MMIA recommends that Members, their Ship Managers and Masters should read and understand the content of both sets of guidance notes in order to ensure their coordinated and effective application.

MMIA Steel Preloading Surveys: Guidance to Members

Guidance to Members focuses on ensuring that the Member, their Ship Managers and Master understand the steel preloading survey requirement and its importance to steel cargo loss prevention.

MMIA Steel Preloading Surveys: Guidance to Surveyors

Guidance for Surveyors provides a step by step explanation to the attending Surveyor and Master of the six distinct elements of the requisite survey and clear instructions as to how each element must be accomplished and reported.