Rule 7 Suspension of Cover


This Rule shall apply notwithstanding any other term of this insurance, including any terms incorporated by reference to standard market clauses:

  1. The coverage granted by this insurance may be suspended by the Association giving seven days notice (such suspension becoming effective on the expiry of seven days from midnight of the day on which notice of suspension is issued by or to the Association). The Association however agrees to reinstate this insurance subject to agreement between the Association and the Member prior to the expiry such notice of suspension as to the new rate of premium and/or condition and /or warranties.
  2. Whether or not such notice of cancellation has been given, this insurance shall be suspended automatically:
    1. on the outbreak of war (whether there be declaration of war or not) between any of the following countries:
      The Russian Federation,
      The People’s Republic of China,
      The United kingdom, and
      The United States of America,
    2. In the event of the entered ship being requisitioned either for title or use.
  3. In the event of automatic suspension of cover, the Association shall be under no obligation to reinstate cover.