Rule 1 Definitions


In these Rules, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings unless the context otherwise requires.


Maritime Mutual Insurance Association (NZ) Limited, a company incorporated in, New Zealand.

Carrying Unit

Any device or receptacle in or on which cargo is carried including, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, any container, trailer, flat, tank or similar receptacle which is owned or leased by a Member and which is either intended to be or is or has been carried on an entered ship or in respect of which the Member has entered into a contract of through carriage.

Chartered Ship

The entered ship named as the chartered ship in the Certificate of Entry, including also property on the entered ship that belongs to the owner of the entered ship.


Containers constructed in accordance with the recommendations of the International Standards Organisation and complying with the requirements of the International Convention for Safe Containers, 1972, as amended.

Customary Towage

Towage for the purpose of entering of leaving port or manoeuvring within the port during the ordinary course of trading and/or the towage of such entered ships (e.g. barges) as are habitually towed in the ordinary course of their trading from port to port or from place to place and have been declared as such in writing to the Managers.


A departure from the contractually agreed voyage or adventure which deprives the Member of the right to rely on a defence, exemption to right to limitation which would otherwise have been available to him.

General Rules

The General Rules for the time being of the Association.

The Hague-Visby Rules

The International Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to Bills of Lading signed at Brussels on 25th August 1924 as amended by the Protocol to that Convention signed at Brussels on 23rd February 1968.


The Master of an entered ship or the substitute for or the replacement of such Master engaged under a written contract of employment or contract of service to serve on board the entered ship concerned.

Member of The Crew

Any person ( including apprentices but excepting the Master and any persons engaged only for nominal pay) engaged under a written contract of employment of contract of service to serve on board the entered ship concerned including a substitute for such person and also such persons whilst proceeding to or from such ship.


A person carried on board an entered ship by virtue of holding a passenger ticket.

Personal Effects

Clothes, documents, navigational or other technical instruments and tools but excluding cash, valuables or any articles which in the opinion of the Managers are not an essential requirement for the Master or a member of the crew as the case may be.

The Rules

The General Rules and the Class VI Rules.


A relative of the Master or of a member of the crew, or any other person whom a Member has agreed to maintain or carry on board an entered ship (except a passenger) including persons engaged under a contract of employment or contract of service for nominal pay.