Rule 16 Laid Up Returns


  1. Subject to any class rules and to any terms and conditions which may have been agreed between a Member and the Managers in accordance with the provisions of the Rules, if an entered ship shall be and remain continuously in any safe port or anchorage approved by the Managers for a period of thirty or more consecutive days after finally mooring there (such period being computed from the day of arrival to the day of departure, one day only being excluded) and the said entered ship shall be completely free of cargo and not under repair, the Member shall be allowed a return of the advance call payable in respect of such ship for the said period, such return being calculated at the rate of 50 percent on a pro rata daily basis. If during such period the ship is also without crew the return shall be calculated as aforesaid but at the rate of 95 percent provided that if a skeleton crew is on board the Managers may fix such rate of return as in their discretion they consider appropriate in the circumstances. The return of calls referred to herein shall be subject to the deduction of such amount for reinsurance and administrative expenses as the Managers may from time to time determine. No returns of calls shall be made by the Association unless the Managers receive written notification within twelve months of the end of the period in respect of which the returns are claimed. The Managers may in their discretion allow a lesser return in respect of any such period when the ship is under repair.
  2. The Managers may at any time in their discretion notify a Member that a port or anchorage is no longer to be regarded as safe for the purpose of this Rule in which event no return of call shall be allowable in respect of any mooring at such port or anchorage that continues more than 15 days beyond the giving of such notice.