Rule 20 Sue and Labour


  1. Upon the occurrence of any incident, event, dispute or circumstances which may give rise to a claim by the Member upon the Association, it shall be the duty of the Member and his servants and agents to take and continue to take all such steps as may be reasonable for the purpose of averting or minimising any liability, loss or expense in respect of which he may be insured by the Association
  2. The duty imposed on the Member, his servants and his agents hereunder shall be to take such steps as could reasonably be expected be taken by a competent and prudent uninsured owner in the same or similar circumstances. No account shall be taken of any circumstances specific to the Member such as (without limitation) his lack of any relevant resources.
  3. If a Member, his servants or agents, commits any breach of this obligation, the Directors may in their discretion reject any claim by him against the Association arising out of the incident, event or circumstance concerned, or reduce the sum payable by the Association in respect thereof by such amount as they may in their discretion determine.