Rule 6 Entry and Notice


  1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing at the time of entry and subject as otherwise provided in the Rules, the insurance shall begin and end at the time and dates stated in the Certificate of Entry.
  2. On expiry, the insurance shall be renewed for a new policy period of one year commencing with the end of the expiring policy period on the same terms and conditions as those in force for the expiring policy period, unless at the request of the Member other terms shall be agreed or unless:
    1. no less than 30 days’ notice shall have been given in writing by either the Member to the Managers or the Managers to the Member that the insurance specified in the notice is not to be renewed, or
    2. the Managers shall have given no less than 30 days’ notice that the terms of the insurance by the Association for the next following policy period are to be changed, in which case the insurance for the next following policy period shall be renewed upon such terms as may be agreed between the Member and the Managers prior to the end of the expiring policy period, and if no terms shall by then have been agreed, the insurance shall not be renewed;

    PROVIDED ALWAYS that if the Managers give 60 days’ notice of an alteration in the Rules of the Association and/or a decision of the Directors under Rule 7.4 of the General Rules, the Member shall be deemed to have agreed to and accepted such alteration and/or decision and the insurance shall be renewed in accordance with this sub-rule, unless notice has been given in accordance with sub-rule 2 (a) of this Rule.

  3. Notwithstanding anything herein contained, the Directors or the Managers may at any time suspend or terminate the insurance of any ship by the Association by giving seven days notice to a Member.
  4. An entered ship shall not be withdrawn from the Association at any other time or in any other manner except with the written consent of the Managers.
  5. The Member shall be under a duty to disclose to the Association all material circumstances in connection with any renewal of this insurance. The duty shall arise 45 days prior to the expiry of the current policy period and shall continue until the Association is irrevocably committed to renew this insurance.