Rule 7 Other Risks Excluded


  1. The Association shall not insure a Member in respect of a ship entered by him against:
    1. loss of freight or hire relating to such ship (except where this forms part of the measure of damages payable by the Member and recoverable under sub-rule 19 or 27 of Rule 4)
    2. salvage of such ship (except life salvage or where salvage forms part of general average expenditure recoverable respectively under sub-rules 21, 22 or 27 of Rule 4).
    3. loss arising out of the cancellation of a charter or other engagement of such ship,
    4. bad debts or the direct or indirect consequences of insolvency or fraud or financial default of any person whatsoever including agents,
    5. demurrage on or detention of or delay to such ship, except where it forms part of a claim under Rule 4.27,
    6. the cost of forwarding passengers to their destination or returning them to their port of embarkation or of their maintenance ashore consequent upon a casualty to such ship,
    7. notwithstanding sub-rule 4.23 punitive, exemplary or aggravated damages.
    8. any liabilities, losses, damages or expenses directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to be acts of piracy.
  2. Unless special cover shall have been agreed in writing between a Member and the Managers, the Association shall be under no liability for any claim relating to liability, loss or expense in respect of:
    1. a chartered ship which is a salvage tug, fire-fighting ship or other ship used or designed or intended to be used for salvage operations, when the claim arises as a result of or during any salvage operations or attempted salvage operation,
    2. a chartered ship which is used for operations of drilling, core sampling, oil production or gas production, when the claim arises as a result of or during this operation,
    3. a chartered ship which is a dredger, when the claim arises as a result of or during dredging operations,
    4. a chartered ship which is used for the operations of pile driving, pipe or cable laying or blasting, when a claim arises as a result of or during those operations,
    5. a chartered ship which is designed for or involved in operations below the surface of the sea.