Rule 1 Definitions

In these Rules the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings unless the context otherwise requires.

The memorandum and Articles of the Association.

The Association
Maritime Mutual Insurance Association (NZ) Limited, a company incorporated in New Zealand.

Association Year
The period from noon GMT on any 20th February to noon GMT on the next following 20th February.

Certificate of Entry
This expression includes every endorsement to a Certificate of Entry.

The Classes
Class I – Protection and Indemnity
Class II – Freight, Demurrage and Defence
Class III – Hull & Machinery (War Risks)
Class IV – Hull & Machinery (Marine Risks)
Class V – Small Craft Hull & Machinery (Marine Risks)
Class VI – Charterers’ Liability

Class Rules
The Rules, regulations and bye-laws for the time begin in force concerning any Class of the Association.

The Committee
The Committee constituted under the Articles in respect of the Class concerned.

The Directors
The Board of Directors for the time being of the Association.

The sole, absolute and unfettered discretion of the Managers or Directors (as the case may be).

Entered Ship
The ship which has been entered for insurance in the Association by the Member.

General Rules
The General Rules for the time being of the Association.

Joint Member
This expression has the meaning given to it in General Rule 6.

Limited Member
A Member with limited rights and obligations as defined in General Rule 6.4.

The Managers
The Managers for the time being of the Association

A person who has a ship, vessel, unit or craft entered into one or more of the classes of Maritime Mutual Insurance Association (NZ) Limited and/or is entered on the registry of Members of Maritime Mutual Association Limited and/or is a beneficiary of the Maritime Mutual Trust.

Policy Period
Unless otherwise agreed or provided, a period beginning at noon GMT on any 20th February and ending at noon GMT on the next following 20th February.

The Register of Members of The Association

The General Rules and the relevant Class Rules.

In the context of a ship entered or proposed to be entered into any Class of the Association the word ship shall mean any ship, boat, hovercraft or other description of vessel (even when still under construction) used or intended to be used for any purpose whatsoever in navigation or otherwise on, under, over or in water or any part thereof or any proportion of the tonnage or any share therein.

Ship Manager
A ship manager or other managing agent acting on behalf of the owner of an entered ship.

The gross tonnage of a ship as certified or stated in the Certificate of Registry or other official documents relating to the registry of the ship and ‘ton’ refers to the unit of such tonnage.
Writing shall include facsimile, telex, printing, typewriting, lithography and any other permanent mode or modes of representing or reproducing words in a visible form and includes e-mail.

Words importing the singular shall include the plural and vice versa.

Words importing the masculine shall include the feminine and vice versa.

Words importing persons shall include bodies corporate and vice versa.