Rule 2 Entry


  1. Any person who wishes to enter a ship for insurance in any Class of the Association shall apply on the application form in current use by the Association giving the full particulars therein required together with all material information and any other information specifically requested by the Managers.
  2. The information given in any application form together with any other information given in the course of applying for insurance or renewal or negotiating changes in the terms of the insurance shall, if the entry of the relevant ship be accepted, renewed or modified, be deemed to form part of the contract of insurance between the Member and the Association. It shall be a condition precedent that such information was true and complete so far as the Member knew or could with reasonable diligence have ascertained. If no application form is signed or if an application form cannot be produced at any time but nevertheless it appears that the Member has requested cover and the Association has accepted the risk, the absence of an application form shall not prejudice the rights and obligations of the Member or the Association.
  3. As soon as reasonably practicable after accepting any application for the entry of the ship in any Class of the Association, the Managers shall issue a Certificate of Entry in such form as shall be in use by the Association at the time of issue which (subject to any special terms upon which such ship may be entered) shall state:
    1. that the person entering such ship has been or will be entered on the Register of Members of the Association as the case maybe,
    2. the risk against which such ship has been entered for insurance in the Association,
    3. the date and time when the entry of such ship is to commence,
    4. the advance call in respect of such ship for each Class, and
    5. any special terms agreed pursuant to General Rule 3.
  4. The terms and conditions upon which a ship is accepted for entry, including the nature and extent of the risks covered and the contribution payable by the Member, shall be those set out in the Rules but subject to such variations as may have been agreed In writing between the Member and the Managers.
  5. If at any time the Managers and the Member agree to vary the terms and conditions upon which a ship is entered, the Managers as soon as reasonable practicable thereafter shall issued an endorsement stating the nature of such variation and the date and time from which such variation is to be effective.
  6. Every Certificate of Entry issued shall be presumed to correctly reflect the terms of the insurance.
  7. The Managers may in their discretion and without giving any reason refuse an application by any person for entry, or decline an application for renewal or variation of an entry of a ship in any Class whether or not that person is already a Member.
  8. If a Member is entered in more than one Class, his entry in each Class shall be deemed to be a completely separate contract from his entry in any other Class.