Rule 37 Bye-Law and Regulations


  1. The Directors in their discretion may make, alter or revoke Bye-laws prescribing the conditions and/or the form of contracts of carriage generally or for use in any particular trade or for any particular port or place. Notice shall be sent by the Managers to all the Members upon the making of any such Bye-law which shall come into operation on the date stated in the notice and shall thereupon be deemed to be incorporated in these Rules. The accidental omission to give such notice or the non-receipt of such notice shall not invalidate such Bye-law or any alteration thereof. The Directors may further impose such terms upon the Member as they may think fit as a condition of the continuance of the entry of the Member’s ship or ships in any class.
  2. The Directors may in their discretion make, alter or revoke Regulations affecting or restricting the employment or use of an entered ship including the warranties embodied in General Rule 26. On giving written notice thereof to the Members concerned, the same shall be and become binding upon and be observed by such Members. The accidental omission to give such notice or the non-receipt of such notice by any such Member shall not invalidate such Regulations or any alterations thereof.
  3. If a Member shall commit a breach of such Bye-law or Regulation, the Managers may reject or reduce any claim made by the Member to the extent to which it would not have arisen if the Member had complied with the Bye-law or Regulation and the burden of proving in each case that liabilities, losses or expenses concerned ( or any part thereof) could not have been avoided by such a compliance shall be on the Member.
  4. The Directors may in their discretion recommend the use of any particular form of contract of carriage in any particular trade. Members whose ships are engaged in such trade shall endeavour to use such forms of contract of carriage when the circumstances of the fixture or engagement of such ships permit.