Rule 38 Powers of the Directors


  1. The Directors may exercise all such powers of the Association and do on behalf of the Association all such acts as may be exercised and done by the Association and as are not by law, the Articles of the Association or the Rules, bye-laws or regulations required to be exercised or done by the Association in General Meeting.
  2. The Directors may delegate any of their powers, duties or discretions to any Committee of the Directors consisting of such of their body as they think fit. Any Committee so formed shall in exercise of any power, duty or discretion so delegated conform to any direction that may from time to time be imposed on it by the Directors.
  3. The Directors or, subject to any directions imposed as aforesaid, any Committee of the Directors may from time to time vest in the Managers such of the powers, duties and discretions by these Rules vested in the Directors or delegated to any Committee of the Directors (as the case may be ) as the Directors or any such Committee of the Directors shall think fit and any such powers, duties or discretions so vested may be made exercisable for such period upon such conditions and subject to such restrictions and generally upon such terms as the Directors or such Committee of the Directors (as the case may be) may determine.
  4. Whenever any power, duty or discretion is conferred or imposed upon the Managers by virtue of these Rules, such power, duty or discretion may, subject to any terms, conditions or restrictions contained in these Rules, be exercised by any one or more of the Managers or by any servant or agent of the Managers to whom the same shall have been delegated or sub-delegated.
  5. If the Directors shall so decide or the Managers shall so request, any power exercisable under the Rules by the Managers may be exercised by the Directors.
  6. If the Member so requests, the Directors may in their discretion review, de novo or otherwise, any discretion that has been exercised by the Manager.